Headerlift’s Website Privacy Policy is to provide information on how visitor’s information is collected, processed and stored, in a clear and concise manner. It defines the types of data that are gathered and how it will be protected, as well as how communication from third-party to Headerlift is threated.

  • We are committed to a lawful, fair and transparent processing of personal data, adhering to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
    If you have any questions about our use of personal data for our Platform products, please take a look at our Platform Privacy Statement and Cookie Policy

  • Kinds of data and purposes of processing.
    We process the following (categories of) personal data:
    Name: We collect the given names (first name, family name) of customers and company name and names of contacts when they express interest in our services.
    Email address: We collect the email address of customers and of contacts when they express interest in our services.
    Subject: We collect the subject of contact reason when they have an interest in our products.
    Message: We collect the message of contact reason when they express the interest in our products.

  • What (purposes) do we use the data for
    We use the data to contact back the requester to answer his/her questions based on interested product

  • Where do we obtain the data from (sources)
    We collect the data via forms submitted from our website

  • How long and where do we store data
    We store customer information for at least 7 years to be able to meet our obligations to keep accurate records for the tax authorities.

  • What safeguards have we taken to protect data
    Taking into account the nature, scope, context and purpose of the processing, we have taken the following technical and organizational measures:

    Headerlift employ an infrastructure of Geo-Located tenants, to ensure that collected data remains within the legal jurisdiction of where it was collected.

    Defense in depth methodologies are employed to ensure that all data storage resides within secured VPNs, with strict access controls in place.

    Encryption technologies are utilized to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of Data at rest and in transit.

    Active security monitoring is employed within our physical infrastructure We actively monitor the security of our database but may need to rely on our partners and trade affiliates to notify us of any data breaches.

  • Who we share data with
    We do not actively share data with any third-parties, other than processors acting on our behalf. We require these companies to adequately safeguard your personal data and not use your data for any other purpose not authorized by us.

    Headerlift may disclose information collected from the Website to its various offices across the world. However, they are only allowed to use the information collected on the Websites for internal purposes.

    We might sell (part of) our business to another company. Such transfer of ownership could include the transfer of your personal data to the buyer if the data directly relates to that (part of the) business.

  • Transfer of your personal data
    Please be aware that within the provision of our services, Headerlift transfers data to third parties. In some cases these third parties may not be European Union based companies, and as such includes a data transfer outside of the EU borders. Where and whenever such a data transfer is required, we will do so only when we have put in place appropriate safeguards to protect your personal data. Please contact us to get a copy of the safeguards that we have put in place. Our contact details are at the bottom of this text.

  • Cookies on the websites of Headerlift
    Cookies are small pieces of information (small files) which a website leaves on your equipment (e.g. your computer). The website instructs the web browser with which you view websites (e.g. Internet Explorer) to store these cookies on your equipment. On the websites of Headerlift two kinds of cookies are used:

  • Functional cookies:
    Functional cookies are necessary to make a website function. Headerlift uses functional cookies to facilitate navigation on the websites and to store specific user settings or user preferences, so as to optimize your use of the websites.

  • Tracking cookies:
    The websites and online mailings keep track of visitors’ data, such as the pages you visited and the content you read. This allows Headerlift to personalize your next visit experiences.

  • Headerlift’s Cookies
    We use the following cookies:

    Name How Long Placed By Reason
    tunnl 90 Days tunnl.com User Tracking

  • Your rights
    You have the right to request access to your personal data that we process. You also have the right to:

    Rectify incorrect personal data or erase it in certain circumstances.

    Restrict or object to the processing of your personal data.

    Receive your data so that you can use it elsewhere (data portability).
    Where we process data based on your consent, you also have the right to withdraw your consent at any time but we would like to point out that this does not affect the lawfulness of the processing before the date that you withdrew your consent. If you wish to exercise any of the above rights, please write us at [email protected] Finally, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. If you do not know who your supervisory authority is, please contact us and we will tell you.

  • Version
    Our Website Privacy Policy was most recently updated 25th May 2018.

  • Questions
    We welcome comments and suggestions regarding the Headerlift’s privacy notice. Please send questions about our privacy policy or the information we have collected from you to [email protected]